What is Enix Blockchain

Enix Blockchain – Decentralised-Distributed Data Transactions.

Opening your systems up to run ENIX Blockchain means you become part of what we believe could be the future of decentralising AI technologies. Outsourcing & sharding executable AI files across a network of servers in such a fashion is taking global computing literally. Maintaining a core control element where the main action happens but pushing data storage and essential processing out into the wild and rewarding the people responsible.

Using the ENIX network, to run your systems frees your core servers to do what they do best while providing huge scope for additional computing power through the application of the nodes and shared compute. Databases shared across multiple servers linked through the commonality of immutable blockchain and easily navigated route-maps providing access to always-on AI-derived data, giving and taking from an ever-expanding stream.

WHY ENIX Blockchain

Decentralization of AI

Designed to allow executable files to be stored and accessed through the use of immutable data maps Enix blockchain is opening the world up for further directions of development in the field of AI.

Shared compute allows multiple peripheral data-driven actions to be carried out simultaneously on the chain while still allowing core AI elements to remain focused on the key analysis and casework. 

AI + Blockchain Infrastructure

Enix is focuses on the ‘data-heavy’ side of AI use case over the blockchain.

Easy Contract Integration

GETH based makes ease of compiling and running smart contract technologies.

Distributed Compute

Enix is focused on distributed & decentralised computational processing for AI based technologies.

Launching with real-use case products

Real-Use Products

Enix Blockchain has a host of products, applications or technologies that operate over it immediately from fintech projectional based AI technologies, to social networks.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve provided a bit of information on various aspects of the blockchain and tokenised elements.

Why the Enix Blockchain & Token?

The Enix Blockchain & Token were the natural evolution of restrictions of current blockchain solutions, for example the cost prohibitive nature of utilising a ERC20 or even ETH based active network for transacting ‘data’ over the blockchain in viable sizes.

Can anyone join the mining, compute, data pools?

Technically as long as you have the required hardware there are public pools for mining, and beta-pools at this time for compute/data due to testing for any breaks in the chain commands.

The native token is Enix?

Enix is the native token of the blockchain, also the gas for the network for contracts, transactions, or mining rewards for the miners that keep the chain operational, initial supply of the Enix Chain is 30,000,000 Enix, this rises to 60,000,000 Enix and from there tail-wind mining occurs, mining-rewards are approx 4m blocks mined equates to 2m Enix released.

Is Enix Blockchain a functional based blockchain?

The Enix Blockchain comes online with an active decentralised-distributed network of miners, compute, or data nodes, these in return operate many AI functional technologies or applications, at the same time, developers, entities or other can build upon the network, directly utilising the ‘data’ or ‘smart-contract’ functionality at its core, further they can make proposals, to the collective operating the chain for future rollouts.

How do i download and install a node?

Downloading and installing a node, can be achieved quite easily by following the guide on the github. You should make certain that you have the required hardware or compute before attempting this.

Blockchain Security?

Securing the blockchain is very important this is completed by miners mining, you can join this movements, whilst at the same time, recover rewards in doing so from the blockchain.

Enix uses side-chains?

Yes, well certain technologies are built to activate side-chains (private) for pushing data and/or commands over secondary chains by smart-contracts.

How do i compose smart contracts?

Due to the manner in which Enix is a fork with various changes to the use/need for Enix of the ETH 1.8 chain without any future updates, if you have experience working with smart contracts on the ETH blockchain then you should have no issues with writing and pushing smart contracts on the Enix blockchain.

Are hardware or 3rd party wallets able to store ENIX?

Please note that ENIX foundation does not endorse using any specific hardware or 3rd party wallets or wallet providers. Using any hardware wallet or custodial service is done so at the risk of the end-user. As additional integrations with wallet providers become available, they will be listed on the Wallets dropdown section.

Is Enix compatible with MEW - MyEtherwallet?

ENIX is compatible with MEW, see this handy guide.

Is Enix compatible with MetaMask?

Enix is compatible with MetaMask, see this handy guide.

Is Enix compatible with Ledger Hardware Wallet?

Enix is compatible with Ledger, see this handy guide guide.

Enix can seamlessly be added to your application or exchange/tracking solution by using the following information to interact with the Enix Blockchain.
Node Name: ENIX
Chain ID: 418
Port: 443